Celebrating 30 years supporting businesses and entrepreneurs...

Entrepreneur's Exchange, LLC started as an informal group in 1985 when Nancy Badertscher and Carolyn Woodie met for lunch to discuss their goals for their personal businesses. They quickly realized that the discussions occurring provided them with the hope, encouragement, and invaluable business development support they had long missed.

The following month, the group decided to invite another friend who had been in one of their courses for small business owners. Discovering the value of diverse opinions and backgrounds, Nancy wrote a press release announcing the dates of future lunch meetings to other interested entrepreneurs. This action led to incorporating the group into the present day Entrepreneur's Exchange, Inc. The meetings that followed offered by Nancy and her colleagues have become a valuable business development and supporting resource to many throughout the region.

Pat Troy, who launched Bay Media and later Next Wave Group, joined EE in 1989 and began managing the organization in 1993 when Nancy accepted the position of Executive Director of the Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce.  Nancy soon returned to EE to co-manage it with Pat until stepping down just prior to EE's 25th anniversary in 2010.  Pat supported EE until 2011.

EE is proud to be celebrating 30 years supporting businesses and entrepreneurs.