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"The Entrepreneur's Exchange is about the most diverse group in what services and goods they offer through their various businesses, but their collective mind set is about respect for their member friends in a way that is mutually beneficial. As an interested guest, I now know a woman who sells yummy pecans, a man who can replace my windows, a hypnotherapist who can help me shed unwanted pounds, a real estate agent and a mortgage broker when I am ready to buy or sell, and a tour director who can help me find my relatives in Europe. And, one of the award winners is a famous self-made man who employs 250 in this tough economy by "being better", offering terrific value for the price. This keeps him in business at full capacity, and his customers happy. What a model for this economy! And these I just mentioned are only a sampling of the business owners at the meeting. My impression was that these are really hard workers and sound members of our community who make a conscious effort to grow their businesses, and share their experiences and creative ideas with one another. They are successful - not because they think about being successful, but because of their thinking, as one member proffered. Since we met in Annapolis , I'll use the metaphor that the EE is about floating all the boats! I think there should be more groups like this around the state where they don't already exist. Go forward EE and prosper!"

– Susan Casey